Why Baseball Is The Greatest Sport I’ve Never Played

It’s the bottom of the ninth with a full count and one out left. With a man on first and third, the home team only needs two more runs to tie up the game. My hands are clenched together and my stomach sinks as the batter steps up to the plate. He fixes the position of his hands on the bat, adjusts his helmet, and draws the bat back into position. The pitcher looks to first and then back to the catcher. I can’t turn away as the pitcher winds up. The ball releases from his hand and a few seconds later, the sounds of it being hit off of the bat are echoed through the stadium. The ball pops up into the air flying straight toward the right foul pole and into the crowd. Foul ball. I release my breath and take another deep breath in as the batter runs back to home. Please don’t strike out, I find myself repeating. The batter swings and the ball is propelled out to center field. The center fielder runs back, reaches his glove above his head and jumps into the air but the ball is too high and drops over the wall.



Right now we are in one of the most exciting times of the year… October Baseball. Baseball is one of my favorite things in this life. It’s moments like the one described above that make the games so electrifying… Breathtaking… Intriguing.

To read the rest of my article this week on the Odyssey, click here.

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