Jimmy Patsos: Making Basketball Great Again

Last night, the basketball team I wrote my book about made national news! I sat courtside for what was definitely the most interesting end to a college basketball game that I’ve ever witnessed. I’ve seen some pretty great Siena games but this will hands down be one of the most memorable that I’ve attended!

With two minutes left in the second half of the Siena Rider game, a heated brawl between players led to an almost fight between the head coaches. With 10 seconds left in the game, Rider calls an unnecessary time out. What were those 10 seconds used for? It’s believed so they could be told to leave the court without shaking the hands of their opponent.

For the full article, click here to read.

One thought on “Jimmy Patsos: Making Basketball Great Again

  1. esper hayes says:

    I can’t thank you enough , Nicole for your book reading was the greatest. i have also been keeping up with your post. Your writing skill are a gift keep sharing with us. My regards to your parents.


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