About Nicole


Nicole, 7 years old, holding a “family newsletter” she wrote.

Nicole Heck is a fiction writer, blogger, and a freelance social media consultant. She graduated from Siena College in 2014 where she received a B.S. in Marketing. Aside from writing, Nicole volunteers for the Make A Wish Foundation and is passionate about running, health and fitness, nature, and baseball.

From the age of 7, Nicole knew she wanted to be an author someday.  She states, “It didn’t matter if it was morning, day, or night, or where I would be, my mind was always constantly create fictional scenarios.  I always wanted to write and to keep writing. I knew that I needed to use my gift and turn it into something everyone could read.”  13645296_10206733157591460_9196921750975815203_n

The idea for, A Saint For Life, came to her one day in her senior year of college during history class.  “I had to write it down or I would forget. By the time class was over, I had an entire book synopsis.  So I started writing.”

In March of 2016, her first book, A Saint For Life, was released.