Thank You, Running.

Dear Running,

Remember the time I used to hate you? I’d find every excuse in the book to get out running. You were too tough, too challenging, too painful. I resented you for it. I’m sorry for all of the hateful words I used toward you. I realize now that I didn’t give you a chance.

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I Survived and So Can You

So I’ve been wanting to post an article like this for a few years now.  This is really personal and something I’ve never talked about publicly before but after Jana Kramer openly shared her story, it inspired me to share mine. I decided at the beginning of the year that I would start using my writing as a way to spread awareness about different issues among our society hoping to help others who have gone through, are going through and to hopefully prevent similar situations.
Also – I am officially a contributing editor for The Odyssey! Thank you to everyone who has been reading and sharing my articles the past 5 months!

Jimmy Patsos: Making Basketball Great Again

Last night, the basketball team I wrote my book about made national news! I sat courtside for what was definitely the most interesting end to a college basketball game that I’ve ever witnessed. I’ve seen some pretty great Siena games but this will hands down be one of the most memorable that I’ve attended!

With two minutes left in the second half of the Siena Rider game, a heated brawl between players led to an almost fight between the head coaches. With 10 seconds left in the game, Rider calls an unnecessary time out. What were those 10 seconds used for? It’s believed so they could be told to leave the court without shaking the hands of their opponent.

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I Didn’t Choose The Gluten Free Life

For this week’s article on The Odyssey, I shared some of my experience dealing with not being able to eat gluten.

Before I went gluten free, I had been very ill my entire life. I used to take tums after everything I ate and thought that was normal. I was in and out of the doctors, on and off different medications, missed a lot of school, and I thought I had what I thought was the “stomach bug” at least once or twice a month. Gluten intolerance is extremely hard to diagnose and years ago, the education gluten intolerance was lacking. It was a friend induced self-discovery that changed my life. One day, my friend suggested I try gluten free pasta which was a brown rice pasta merely because of the taste. It changed my life. For the first time in my entire life, I ate a full bowl of pasta and didn’t get a stomach ache among other symptoms. This made me wonder if this was my issue, so I started to continue to substitute my foods for gluten free options and before I knew it, I felt like a new person.

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Stop Asking Me Why I Have Anxiety

My article for The Odyssey this week is titled “Stop Asking Me Why I Have Anxiety”. Anxiety is a silent and invisible battle many suffer from. It can’t be seen. It’s something one deals with on the inside. It’s hard to explain, actually it’s really just in-explainable for most. Some have anxiety for no reason at all. We don’t need you to understand, we just want you to accept it.

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